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Name Team Dignitas EA Sports Sunday Cup #13: FIFA
Status finished
Game  FIFA 11 (1on1)
System Single Elimination
Admins Sui
Brackets Click Here
Info Prizes:
1st. £100
2nd. £50
3rd. £25

- 1vs1 FIFA 11 PC
- Half Length: 6 minutes
- Game speed: Normal
- All rounds are BO1, Grand Final is BO3.
- No-shows can be claimed 10 minutes after your matchtime.
- Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from all Team Dignitas cups. An admin is free to kick/ban any player from the cup if he suspects a player of cheating / abusive behavior.
- All players must enable email notification of their match scores. Not doing so will result in a default loss. To enable email notifications go to Online Mode -> my fifa 11 online -> general settings -> forward end-of-game stats -> yes.
- When score is drawed and going into overtime the golden goal will decide the winner. This is the first goal made after overtime.

Signup example
Name: John 'Killer' Doe
From: UK
Contact: YOURNAME @ #dignitas.cup (IRC contact is mandatory)

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